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Getting That Pesky Marriage LicenseThere are two locations here in New Orleans for your wedding license. Either City Hall, which is only a few blocks from the French Quarter, and a very quick transaction. Or a short ferry ride across the Mississippi River to Old Algiers and the historical Algiers Point Courthouse. Whichever you choose, call first, because they are closed on holidays and sometimes the day after. Remember, we celebrate our own holidays also so definitely call. And bring cash. They don't accept credit cards or checks. Only green cash money. For further details ask your officiant. They have the inside line to all the details.Booking Your OfficiantI have three wedding officiants that I seem to regularly work with who are professional, warm and genuine. Go to their websites and either call or send an email. They will want the date and location. These are very important to include. Each are very much in demand with hundreds of calls and emails each day. Their sites list their pricing and options. I recently wrote a blog post about the officiants I use. Check it out.FloralsSome brides have brooch bouquets made and others craft their own. A permanent reminder of that big day. While others call florists such as Fat Cat Flowers for a custom bouquet filled with their favorite colors and flowers. If you are on a budget or don't want something ...

Planning an Elopement - New Orleans - Pamela Reed Photography

I photograph a lot of elopements here in New Orleans. Invariably, I receive calls from couples trying to choose everything from the venues for the wedding ceremony, where to get flowers, the best place to stay, basically all the details of planning a destination elopement. So I thought I'd put together a few hints that I hope might help in the process. The are basic generalities. The details I share with booked clients.Booking an Elopement Ceremony Location and LodgingWe are a major tourist destination location so hotels and B&Bs are plentiful. But, which one is right for you? Since you are forgoing the big expensive wedding you have a few extra dollars to splurge on your lodging. And don't forget there are a few who love to accommodate elopements. Check the following locations within the French Quarter or just a Streetcar ride away. Degas House - Located on Esplanade about halfway between the French Quarter and City Park. They offer elopement packages that include a room, breakfast and a pretty courtyard for your ceremony. Even champagne for a toast after. Or you can travel a short distance to New Orleans City Park where there are enormous Southern Oaks draped in Spanish Moss, a beautiful arched stone bridge and just dozens of spots for a private, romantic ceremony and photographs.Audubon Cottages - Nestled right in the French Quarter a block up from Bourbon Street, ...

The Paulin Brothers Brass Band - New Orleans - Pamela Reed Photography

I am a member of a sub-krewe of Krewe du Vieux, my very favorite Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. One of my bucket list items. I had an opportunity to photograph our pre-party and second line parade for the opening Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans last Saturday. It was especially poignant as The Paulin Brothers were our personal Brass Band. They played for our pre-party and led the King and his Queen in a lively procession to our floats. I can't post images of the floats because...well...Krewe du Vieux is a satirical parade that does use some, let's say, profanity to get our point across. But here are some shots of the Paulin Brothers Brass Band. And I am truly lucky as they will be playing for a Mardi Gras Wedding I am photographing the day after Valentine's Day. A side note. A week ago, probably one of the most well known Mardi Gras Indian Chiefs, Chief Bo Dollis Sr. of the Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indians, passed away. There was a second line funeral parade earlier the same day as our parade. In all honesty, with the hurried preparations (our theme isn't announced until early December so we had a short time to execute our float) and excitement of the day, I had completely forgotten about Chief's funeral and that, most likely, The Paulin Brothers, which are the longest continuously operating Jazz Band, had attended his funeral earlier that day. It wasn't ...

Anniversary Portraits - New Orleans Photographer - Pamela Reed

I photographed Bryony and Mason's wedding a little over a year ago. All I had was my iPhone 6+ when we met up for a toast to their one year anniversary but I love the shot! If you find yourself returning to New Orleans for your anniversary give me a call. Ask for special rates for Anniversary Portraits. I'll even bring my professional equipment!!Call 504-920-8703 To Inquire About Booking Your Anniversary Session.

Muriels - Cabildo - French Quarter Wedding

Seena and David contacted me about a year ago to dicuss photographing their wedding in New Orleans. With my husband in tow (he always seems available when cocktails are involved) we met for cocktails at Bar Tonique on Rampart to discuss their wedding photographs. Little did I know they were former Microsoft staff, which explains Seena's love of Excel with the most organized timeline I have ever seen.  Their special day started at the Bienville House Hotel and walked to Exchange Place to do a quick first look then off to The Cabildo in Jackson Square for formal portraits and their wedding ceremony officiated by Chaplain Jerry Schwehm. To celebrate their vows they booked a second line parade down Bourbon Street, arriving at the iconic Muriel's Jackson Square for their reception. The music was provided by The Jazz Band Ballers. The cocktails flowed as guests gathered waiting for the couple's entrance and first dance. The food was wonderful and beautifully presented. Guests arrived from as far away as Japan. So that is all the cool stuff. I should mention that, once again, the potholes and steps raised their ugly heads as I bit the dust twice before we even got to the ceremony. Bruised and scuffed knee, twisted ankle and broken camera equipment and yet thanks to my awesome, very patient assistant Brittany, we never missed a beat. Thanks to a lot of backup gear ...