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I have been remiss as I have promoted New Orleans destination weddings and elopements but I have never mentioned I do travel. It wasn't until a week ago it dawned on me while chatting with a new client in Canada that y'all don't know I will come to you! I'm excited to travel to London-Ontario, Canada next year and welcome those creative couples looking for something out of the ordinary. So if you are planning a wedding that is not in New Orleans, but love what you see, give me a call to check my availability to travel to your location or dream wedding destination. 

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This particular portrait is another in my American Gothic Project. Eric and Kristy decided to elope to New Orleans. Their ceremony was at The Edgar Degas House on Esplanade Avenue. Perfect place with beautiful places close by to use as backdrops for portraits. With just close family in attendance it made for a sweet afternoon wedding. They were more than willing to participate and asked what I wanted. I didn't want to give too much direction at the risk of spoiling the premise. With Eric's mom standing close by I said okay Eric I need you to look staid and stiff. Mom laughed and said 'that is how all our family photographs look, he should have no problem with that.' And of course they both knocked it out of the park. She's an artist and had fun with it. Once I finished editing their other wedding photos I knew this shot would be the one. I had a doorway I'd photographed in the past for just this case. I really have no preconcieved idea what I will do with the image until I spend some time playing with it. Thinking about the couple and how best to represent them visually. I liken the final fine art photograph to peeking through the looking glass for a brief moment. Same process as the others in this particular rendition. Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC. If you want to get away from the sameness that traditional wedding photographs can become call now to inquire ...

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This particular shot is one of my all time favorites. It is so important to me that couples feel comfortable enough with me and my style to just relax and let loose, be themselves. Kim and Jeff did just that. We had a luxurious four hours to play and capture everything that is the New Orleans Experience. We walked around quite a bit looking for the perfect spot, backdrop and lighting to supplement my two flash units. With my assistant holding one off-camera flash, my on-camera and the downlight from above the French Quarter balcony above them we were able to create a very three-dimensional image with perfect exposure and lighting. They had fun playing and just experiencing the happiest day of their lives at that precise moment. Very cool couple. With elopements in New Orleans I put my nose to the grindstone and try to finish their wedding images before they leave town as many spend their mini-honeymoon right here in New Orleans. So it took longer than I expected, a week to be exact. I don't really promise a certain amount of images for a wedding. I usually shoot around 100 per hour maybe 150 if lighting is challenging or there's a live band with lots of dancing. And my philosophy is if the image is good and just a bit different I am delivering it. It's those little differences that make the difference as everyone sees different things in photographs of themselves. Not to ...

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Everyone sees things differently. But its my job to see your wedding through your eyes while being honest to my style of photography. By no means a simple task. The creative portraits are coming along. I've been working on a side project for a future fine art exhibition. Couples that are willing to participate are asked to re-create the famous painting American Gothic. They have done an awesome job of giving me the base photographs to start with on this journey. I'm still playing with ideas and how to present them. I'm not a Photoshop wizard by any stroke of the imagination. So I keep it simple. I'm thinking about doing five large mixed media artistic creations from their portraits. Of course having the dark vision I do they will most definitely portray both the dark and light side while hopefully imparting a message.How have I done these base portraits? And what did I do to take them past just a photograph? Below is an example of one with a brief explanation. I don't believe in giving away all the answers. But hopefully this will be a starting point for you on your creative journey.This is one of my favorites (kind of obvious as I've posted it everywhere). Here are some bullet points for basic steps.Spoke with Lindsay and Troy via multiple phone calls, text messages and emailsI understood they wanted unique wedding photographs and a little bit about them as a ...

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I keep meaning to post this wedding and one special photograph. Here is the story behind it. My couple had hired me from a Google search for Annie Leibowitz inspired wedding photographers in New Orleans. Pretty damn specific huh?! They flew out to meet me soon after our phone chat. We talked about their ideas and how I would shoot their wedding. We were super excited.Well as many larger weddings go, plans went awry and it was representing more everyone elses' ideas rather than theirs. Knowing they were doing a less traditional wedding reception that wouldn't require full photographic coverage I grabbed them after the ceremony and suggested we cut an hour off the end and meet up in a couple days to do an Day After Wedding Shoot. Then they could get those images they wanted so much and wouldn't be disappointed with the uncontrollable turn of events. Well we had a blast! At one point she wanted to toss her bouquet from a balcony. As everyone knows balconies are cool in the French Quarter and very hard to get access to. As luck would have it the doorman for Temptations overheard our conversation and brought the floor manager out. They opened the balcony and escorted my couple up. There they were perched, she with bouquet in hand. Even on a Tuesday evening Bourbon Street doesn't lack in participants. A small crowd gathered. Unbeknownst to me, a guy was standing ...