What Do I Carry in My Gear Bag - Pamela Reed - New Orleans Wedding Photographer

As my clients can attest I am all about the image. The quality of image and the moment portrayed within it. Over the years I have actually been able to pare down the equipment I carry. I have sold expensive lenses only to replace with another expensive lens and hung onto cheapo lens most would be shocked I carry and use. Knowing my style, the particular event, venue and ambiant lighting I will be working with because if I haven't shot there you can bet I will be visiting before your wedding to 'see' how best to shoot yours, if imperative to what equipment I choose to carry.For elopements I usually work solo and we do a lot of walking - me, some serious running! So I travel light. I carry a couple prime lenses, Radio Poppers for off camera lighting, a couple flashes with modifiers as needed, memory cards and various little items such as palm flashlights, colored gels for effects, a few other tools and of course great professional camera bodies. All of this is placed in a single very comfortable and old camera backpack. I don't own any fancy girlie bags that look like ugly purses nor silly semi-custom camera straps. I do have a really cool red tripod I don't take anywhere and I'm convinced might take better pictures! I don't need several bags of equipment to pull off your elopement photographs. I used to shoot with a 24-70mm lens but over time found that the image ...

How Color Affects Your Headshots - Pamela Reed Photography

I don't promote doing headshots but people in the industry know they can contact me for them. Recently I shot a beautiful woman named Rachel, who is Way Chill Reiki, a new business endeavor and a very good friend. When you meet her you can feel the positive energy surrounding her. She needed headshots for her website and promotional materials. I wanted images that reflected the power that is in her touch. Not an easy task for someone working in still images.She hired a professional makeup artist which I always recommend and chose a hairstyle that reflects her personality. I had her send me some snapshots of tops she was planning on wearing. I kept receiving these photographs of printed tops that looked like something a much older woman would wear and certainly not who she is. So, me being a friend, told her to stop by after her video shoot and we would choose something from my closet for her headshots. I already had 3 solid tees pulled for her as I knew they would look awesome with her coloring. I placed the mirror against the wall and held the tee up in front of her. Her expression went to 1000% bright and smiling. Suddenly this gorgeous woman went from gorgeous to hot, hot, hot! Plum is definitely her color.You never want your clothing to upstage you.  Prints and overly bright colors along with busy jewelry tends to overpower the beautiful you. My girl is already ...

City Park Wedding - Cemetery - French Quarter Portraits - Pamela Reed Photography

Ok so here's the deal...Miranda and Ryan are from my hometown so with a little bribery (re: trade) they got a shoot in the St. Louis Cemetery and I got a giant basket of hometown BBQ! Yup, that works! I have to be honest - it was a miserably hot and humid morning here in New Orleans. We packed cold gel packs and frozen wet towels along with a special second-line umbrella. They had some really specific artistic visions and they totally connected with mine so we went to town. Ryan had lots of suggestions that elevated the images creatively while being true to them. Miranda was laced up in that heavy and very hot satin dress looking gorgeous not bating an eye as I urged her to stand still for just one more shot. Love you Miranda! We took a brief break so they could go back to their room to cool off and ready for their private ceremony in New Orleans City Park. Meeting up at the Morning Call coffee shop in the park we slipped off to a spot they had scouted a few days prior. Dr. J.K. Schwehm, Jerry to everyone, their wedding officiant, was waiting with that warm smile he always sports. Under the romantic Southern Oak Trees they were married. We stopped for a few lovely, classic portraits in the park then on to some shots of their version of 'cutting the cake'. Armed with ...

Creative Wedding and Elopement Photographs - Pamela Reed

Erica and Ryan wanted something different for their wedding photographs. Eloping in New Orleans provided the creative background they desired. We traveled all over finding plenty of places to stop for beautiful and fun images. Their ceremony was performed in Jackson Square with Jerry Schwehm of Fig Street Weddings officiating. We didn't stop there. After our forays in the French Quarter we headed to St. Louis Cemetery #2 for some very unique and creative photographs. Erica is a Louisiana native. As we left she placed a rose at every tomb. A sweet tribute to Louisiana ancestors. Take a peek at some of their wedding shots.To see more from their wedding go to http://www.artsyphotographer.com.  Call now to book your wedding or elopement. 504-920-87032015 is booking out quick so don't wait!

Destination New Orleans Elopement - Pamela Reed Photography

Erin and Matt are teachers in South Korea. They called me several months ago to book their special secret elopement in New Orleans. Not an easy task to keep this elopement a secret. A funny little story. Erin and I connected on Facebook to plan their wedding but we had to use IM so as not to alert family or friends of their plans. Erin is from Texas and Matt hails from Canada. When they arrived in Texas her parents had planned a small family and close friends engagement party. Well small if you call 250 people small. They laughed when they said a priest was in attendance and they thought possibly they had been unknowingly married! We shot a lot of ceremony photographs because I thought they could make a slideshow to show their families to give them a feel of being there. And as always is the case with my awesome couples we had a blast! A few images below for a taste. For more please chech out their wedding on my website http://www.artsyphotographer.com.It is so important to me as photographer to capture real, honest moments and there were plenty here! Tears, laughter, skipping and impromptu dance in Jackson Square.        For unique and magazine style wedding photographs book your wedding today. 2015 appears to be a banner year as it is booking up fast. 504-920-8703