Wedding Tip Number 31 - Less Known New Orleans Parks - Pamela Reed Photography

Take the extra effort to look for less known parks for your wedding ceremony. There are several around the New Orleans metro area that don't have a 1/2 dozen weddings and photo sessions going on at the same time. Check out Armstrong Park, for one. It's across the street from the French Quarter and also houses the Mahalia Jackson Theatre. It's just beautiful for a daytime wedding. Large, Southern Oaks draped in spanish moss, sculptures, wooden and steel bridges over cool waterways and its filled with New Orleans history. There are several other smaller parks you can have a small wedding ceremony. Here are some shots from a wedding and family session. They will give you an idea about Armstrong Park and how it might fit into your plans. Link for pricing and booking below photographs.    Louie Armstrong Park701 North RampartNew OrleansWebsite and Contact Information: Park Info 

Wedding Cake Serving Set - French Market - New Orleans

Tuesday I was photographing a beautiful girl's headshots. We ventured into the French Market situated riverfront in the French Quarter. I happened upon an artist's booth of the coolest Serviceware. I took some quick snaps of their cool things and thought y'all might like to know about them. The have Wedding Cake Serving Sets and very reasonably priced. Plus the bonus is you are buying local from the artist rather than the cookie cutter options out there. Links and contact information below the photographs.  Where'd You Get That? Julie and Brian Walker985-732-2049 Office . 985-630-4053 Julie Cell . 985-373-2216 Brian CellWebsite: www.wheredyougetthatlouisiana.comEmail: juliboo2005@yahoo.comThey accept special orders and carry so many more cool products that shown here.Its a quick walk from Cafe du Monde to pick up a set for your wedding.

Wedding Tip Number 30 - Do Not Starve - Pamela Reed New Orleans Wedding Photographer

Do NOT starve yourself the day before so you can fit into your wedding dress! Do NOT change your eating routine drastically. Do that a month or more out. Eat something with protein and a little fat. The protein helps sustain your energy level, because I guarantee your adrenal glands are pumping adrenaline like a well. The fat helps to stave off hunger and keep your blood sugar in control. NO sugar or sweets till after the wedding ceremony if you can help it. The foods below are great options not only for you but your guests. These will help slow down the effects of alcohol so you won't look too drunk for your reception photographs! Thanks Broussards for this lovely spread. Broussards Restaurant is located in the French Quarter right off Bourbon Street and offers a beautiful and accommodating place for your ceremony and wedding reception needs. Plus you can second-line right out the door down Bourbon and return to great food, beverage and atmosphere.Broussards 819 Conti New Orleans www.broussards.com

The Creative Process - New Orleans Wedding and Portrait Photography

The creative process is a complicated issue that is most often hard to define in a sentence or two. It is a compulsion. An obsession really. Inspiration is everywhere and nowhere. Ideas flicker in the mind's eye rapidly like a fast moving slideshow. Colors, shapes, textures, meaning, faces, emotions. Its a jumble of visual ideas constantly bombarding the creative's mind. All challenges we face on a daily, well even hourly basis. Harnessing those visions and transmitting them to a 2-dimensional surface while still maintaining the integrity is time consuming, frustrating and so very rewarding. Finding the methods in which to capture those visual masterpieces when only minutes, even seconds, are available is the gift rewarded to those who practice their craft daily. So how does this relate to your wedding or portraiture sessions? For me it starts with inspiration that comes from you. I rarely photograph anyone without meeting them in person or via phone and with hopefully multiple communications through the process. While I had never been one to utilize Facebook and other social media till a couple years ago, I've found its an incredibly valuable resource for getting to know each other. It's those silly little posts and comments we each make in our news-feeds that gives a clue to who we are, even if there is a wall of anonymity to it. Often reading between the lines a ...

Wedding Photographer - How To - Pamela Reed Photography

HOW TO BE A GREAT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER First, what is a good wedding photographer?  In my humble opinion this person/s has proficient technical skills in both natural light and very dark conditions and the basic equipment necessary to work in those conditions. Add some knowledge of the wedding industry, standards and practices to common sense. Good business skills. You know, the basics: return communications promptly, do what you say you will do in the timeframe you promised. Finally use a contract that is fair to both parties. That pretty much makes up a good wedding photographer. But what makes up a great wedding photographer?A great wedding photographer is not only technically proficient in all areas, a professional in business, they also know how to conduct themselves at an event and have a gift for seeing the moments that aren't planned or expected. Kind of like a street photographer. Being able to have this metaphysical connection to their subject. I guess kind of like channeling their moment. That's the best way I can describe it. But they don't stop there. They never stop learning and honing their skills and vision. To me, that's a great wedding photographer. I'm a New Orleans wedding photographer and specialize in visually creative, artistic moments. I can best be described as a Stylized Wedding Photojournalist. The great thing about being a ...