French Quarter Streets and Shops - New Orleans - Pamela Reed Photography

Typically I don't carry my professional camera and lenses when I'm not working. But, on occasion, I either finish up early or it's a beautiful evening. So I grab a body and lens, head out on my bike to see what's up in the French Quarter or New Orleans Central Business District. Like a moth to flame I am attracted to shiny, lit things. My husband says I was a cat in a previous life. I look for existing light and the objects it washes over. Then I frame the shot. Below are some random shots from this summer one early evening right after sunset. I particularly like the reflections. I could use a filter to cut those out but I like seeing whats reflected from behind and above. And all of these places are cool to check out when you are in town visiting New Orleans.     

Choosing A Wedding Venue in New Orleans - Pamela Reed Photography

Wow. There is so much that is cool about New Orleans there is no way I can cover how to pick a wedding venue in New Orleans all in one blog post. But I will tell you a few things I've learned along the way that might help in choosing your venue.Location: That is the most important. Consider how your guests will get to the ceremony and reception venue and the costs if you provide the transportation. Next, do you plan to have a second-line planned? Take that into consideration logistically. You have to consider permits and police escort. Do you want to experience the French Quarter in all its glory? Choose a venue there or close by. The Venue: Do you want a traditional wedding? Then look to the hotels, mansions and old plantations. If you want less traditional you have so many options. You first have to decide if you want modern or old world. Both are available here. Do you want a place that offers both the ceremony and reception? Will they provide the food and drinks? Is there a fallback for you if you are doing an outdoor wedding and it rains? Some hotels have covers they install to accommodate for poor weather. Many can connect you with a tent company and others give you the option of an indoor space with your outdoor booking.The Staff: Is the salesperson attentive? Do you feel like just another buck in the bank account or truly received a warm welcome? Does the staff ...

Wedding Tip #31 - Picking Your Wedding Officiant - Pamela Reed Photography

Friday I was meeting with a bride-to-be at her potential venue in New Orleans. The venue owner piped up and said he would provide the officiant as his gift to the couple. I looked at her and the look on her face was shock. She had no idea what to say. And it made me think. An officiant can make or break a ceremony. I've seen ones who are the star of the show and others who blow in, take a check, say the words and blow out. And then there are those special ones. Each having their own personality, loving what they do and the couples they marry. So I thought I would include some photographs from recent weddings and just offer up a few suggestions to hopefully help in your choosing the best person for your vows. Here are some of the key things to consider:Talk to each officiant. Get a feel, outside their website, who they are and how they will handle your ceremonyAsk how long the ceremony will beWill they let you do your own vows?Lastly, are they a match for you and your fiance? Below are some photographs of weddings performed by Reverend Joe Pitzer, Reverend Jerry Schwehm and Reverand Tony of the French Quarter Wedding Chapel. Each has his own style of officiating and bring to the table a wonderful ceremony experience, even if you are eloping.Chaplain Jerry Schwehm - Fig Street Weddings  Reverend Tony French - Quarter Wedding ChapelReverend Joe Pitzer - ...

Fine Art Wedding Portraits - Creative and Unique - New Orleans Wedding Photographer

David and Jessica wanted something a little different. A nod to their love of the city of New Orleans without the French Quarter 'been there, done that' thing. So we chose to do a very respectful session in the cemetery. The cemeteries in New Orleans are revered.  One's funeral is a celebration of their life often led by a brass band parade and a second line where everyone joins in honoring their life.  So photographing in the cemetery here, to me, is a nod to those who went before us and paved the way for a new generation to make its mark. Jessica and David gave me complete artistic freedom only telling me they wanted something different, artistic and reflecting who they are as a couple and individuals. This is one of my favorite shots of Jessica. Obviously, because I have created three different versions now! It is so in-the-moment-between-posing for the portraits that it really is who Jessica is: vibrant, alive and full of love for David as she looks at him between shots. That, to me, is when a photograph is truly successful. When it conveys an honest moment that when viewed in the future gives a glimpse into who that person was and then is presented in a creative and artistic manner without overshadowing the emotion, well then its a perfect photo. This is just one of several I am working on. Thank you so very much Jessica and David for letting me go hawg ...

Wedding Band - The Phunky Monkeys - New Orleans Wedding Photography

Halloween weekend I had this awesome wedding at Broussards and The Hermann Grima House in the French Quarter. I hadn't heard of the wedding band the couple chose and was intrigued to hear them. Wow! They rocked the courtyard all night! Professionals all the way. Do yourself a favor, if you are looking for a great cover band to rock out your greater New Orleans wedding call The Phunky Monkeys. Their contact information and links are below the photographs.The Phunky MonkeysPhone: 504-307-9124Email: info@thephunkymonkeys.comWebsite: www.thephunkymonkeys.comListen to sample music on their website