Planning Your New Orleans Elopement
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By Pamela L. Reed Photography
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Planning Your New Orleans Elopement Experience

So you chose New Orleans for your elopement. And why did you choose our awesome city? Because of 'the experience'. That is what it is all about when you think about it. You work your tushes off only to come home late at night, worn out and beat. You NEED a break from everything and everyone. Whether its a second or even third marriage. Possibly you cancelled the big wedding to avoid the drama, expense and stress. You decided to hell with all this pomp and circumstance! We want to go have some fun! We want to enjoy a private and stress-free elopement. You want the New Orleans experience! The thrill of sneaking off. A place where you can get married in an absolutely beautiful park and then hit the grunge and circus that is the French Quarter party scene or a quiet dinner in an elegant restaurant. 


And its not just the booze. Its the excitement, the thrill of sharing with complete strangers who join in to congratulate you. Often times with a hug and snapshot. We are a friendly group down here. We welcome those who love all that this city has to offer. The music, food, shops, wildlife, lakes, the Gulf, all within a few miles. Where else can you sit on an old, ornate iron railed balcony overlooking a huge party with music pulsing in the background and then stroll a few blocks through the quiet and romantic tree-lined streets? Mule drawn carriages pass by while you listen to a street musician on Royal Street known for its art galleries and antique shops. The next block up might be an impromptu Second Line led by a local New Orleans Jazz Band. Need a quick and nimble get away? Take a pedi-cab. People are friendly down here. Just ask anyone. We want you to feel a part of what we love. 


That is the New Orleans Experience. And that is what I provide. No fancy planners or a stable of photographers to offer. Just little ole crazy me with a camera, a hearty laugh and often a tear in my eye. But you won't see it because you will be too involved in the swirl of the moment. So if you read this far you are asking yourself well what does Pam actually do?


First we chat a bit. Get to know one another just to be sure we connect. Then after we chat we figure out how much time you need, basic things and you book. Once booked with a retainer and signed contract we start brainstorming. If you want help I am here to do my best. Helping you choose the best location for your ceremony and your after portraits is the first thing we tackle. Then choosing a time of day that is best for comfort and the prettiest photographs. Sometimes we split the time between morning and afternoon or even days. I am also about 'community' so I reach out to friends and acquaintances who might be able to help you. Most of my clients are now friends with me on Facebook so there are always resources to ask "how did you do that?" or "where did you get that?". I have vendors I prefer because they always make my clients happy. That is most important. I also have tips about makeup and hair and links to send you that might help. Want to know great restaurants off the beaten path? Ask me. Many of my friends are chefs and my husband was too. So they know all the best places. Need an officiant? I have several who are just awesome to work with providing a wide range of styles of ceremony. Just give any of them a call and book. Need flowers? I have a favorite place that does the most gorgeous bouquets at a great price.  Best of all these vendors love what they do and are reliable, honest and timely. So that eliminates the planning stress and you didn't need a planner to do it! Lastly, I might just be the impartial ear you need when the dress just wasn't making you happy and you REALLY NEED to vent. Bottom line is when the camera is turned off and we part you will have seen and enjoyed your New Orleans Experience and definitely made a new lifetime friend. Because we keep in touch.


Bottom line? I try to keep it easy, stress-free and fun. Give me a call. Lets talk! 504-920-8703

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