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  • Travel? Possibly. Tempt me.
  • Insurance? Yes. Both liability and indemnification through Hill & Usher.
  • Retainer? $500 for Weddings.   $250 for Elopements, Portrait Sessions.
  • When is the Balance Due? For Weddings and Elopements 30 days prior to your date, others day of service.
  • What do I get when I hire you? All weddings and elopements come with your photographs hand edited and full size/resolution, ready for print with a second set if you choose (at no additional cost) of social media or email sized with or without watermarking, clients' choice. Also for weddings of 4 hours or more a photographer's assistant who maintains off camera lighting and handles equipment. A personal printing release in perpetuity. Prints are available in packages or through ala carte methods. 
  • How long does it take to get my photographs? I am very OCD when it comes to working on your images so I do my best to have them ready within 1-2 weeks, sooner for elopements. During peak season it will be closer to 2 weeks, off peak as soon as 4-5 days. Books, prints, canvas and albums are on a case by case basis depending on the manufacturer.
  • Why are you so fast when all the other photographers say it will be at least 4 weeks? Well I can't speak for others but I don't book more than 2 weddings or 3 elopements a week. My clients typically are from out of town so they don't do Bridal or Engagement sessions therefore my time isn't tied up with additional shoots that have to be processed.I go through a 3 step editing process and each image that makes the cut is individually color corrected and artistically rendered. I usually work 14-18 hour days. Just so you know I am not a shoot and burn photographer. I just happen to provide you with the files rather than require you to spend more on printing. And no one but me edits your photographs.
  • How much equipment and stuff do you bring? It always depends on the venue/s. Most often I will bring 3 bags. For elopements I carry a backpack and maybe a tripod but that's it. I am all about simplicity. For most weddings I will set up at least one, probably two to three light stands and flash setups to create that 3-dimensionality that is my trademark. 
  • Do you bring backup equipment? Absolutely! I am set no matter what the potential equipment failure might bring. 
  • Have you ever had a failure and how did you handle it? Yes. I had a massive failure at a wedding due to radio signal interference and a camera malfunction. And yes I had backup gear and methods to deal with the situation without compromising the event.
  • Can we shoot in different locations? Yes. It all depends on how much time you book. We always take into account your needs when suggesting how much time we think you need.
  • Do you help in making my timeline? Yes, absolutely! It is important that we have time to create without pressure and stress. I am all about you enjoying your day as it goes by so fast. I am very much involved in helping you create a timeline that suits you best.
  • Can you make suggestions for locations and vendors? Of course. If you are available to meet prior we many times scout together, otherwise I will make suggestions based on you two and what you want. I only recommend vendors I have worked with and find to be both very professional and truly love what they do.
  • I don't know how to pose, can you help? Yes. Well in advance of your wedding we talk quite a bit about the best way to show your awesomeness and of course the day of I will take time to help you. I find most of my couples are so relaxed with me anyway that posing is usually never an issue and most aren't into traditional posing so we keep it relaxed.
  • Do you provide a second photographer for elopements? I'm actually kind of blown away anyone would require or provide a second photographer for elopements. I can't even imagine a circumstance where any couple would want to be surrounded by 2 photographers. Way too invasive and stifling for true candids. I do on occasion when needed utilize a lighting specialist to help with creative lighting. So no I don't. Clients hire me because they love my unique style of photography, unique...a second photographer is not going to provide the same style or feel.

Call me for further information and rates. 504-920-8703.