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Bloody Mary Weddings

From planning a small elopement to a full, destination wedding let the personal touch of Local Voodoo Queen, Priestess Bloody Mary, co-create the perfect ceremony with you, for you. She has been labeled, the Psychic Planner for her intuitive knowledge, matching you with the perfect way to celebrate your day. Alternative wedding styles include: Spiritual, Voodoo, Celtic, Zombie, Gothic, Wiccan, Historical, Renaissance, Romantic, Magical, Nature based, Ancestral reverent, Multi-denominational and Themed weddings. All done with a New Orleans flair and, perhaps, Voodoo touch.Check out a a 2009 Wedding and a latter Offbeat Bride about Bloody Mary weddings So look through some of our pre-made ideas and the list of add-ons to get a feel for the types we offer. Schedule our phone meeting to discuss your personal spirit and budget needs. Voodoo Weddings :Calling the loa, the ancestors and blessing you the old school way! Nature Based Weddings: gather together under ancient Oaks and Add local swamp magic to your special day Romantic Wedddings : Love is a spirit unto itself so we focus the ceremony around your particular love Theme Weddings : We have planned everything from Zombie Weddings to Civil War Non-denominational :we can focus on ceremony with no spirit or religion mentioned, address the land alone or incorporate all religions into one Wiccan Wedding : Invoke the Goddess and draw down the moon to shine upon your day, we can do Celtic old school style or add your way.