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Honestly, I absolutely detest blabbing on about myself but here I go. I've been shooting since I was 12 running around in cutoff shorts and a tank top slinging my dad's Nikon across my shoulder, bouncing out to take photos of our horses. I'm lucky to be the daughter of a journalist. I spent many a Sunday in the dark recesses of the Kansas City Star photo lab spinning a wire reel with freshly shot negatives. I watched and I learned from these greats who brought back with them images that told amazing stories. So yeah I am about moments. Period. Even when doing artistic portraiture I am still about pulling moments out.

The way I operate is simple. We chat. We connect. We work together. And I do mean together. Even early in the planning stages we plot and plan because there is one thing that is truly most important and that is YOU. I want you relaxed and having fun. Trust me this day goes by in the blink of an eye. Its not long before you are celebrating your 18th wedding anniversary and those moments. Those special glimpses into your past. Who you were and who you became. Friends and family, thats what matters. When you are standing there looking up at your fiancé waiting for you way down that aisle I want you to have only one thing on your mind, this moment right here, right now.

I am about presenting you with not only artistic and unique images but also a very personalized service. 


Today, after about 10 years of shooting weddings I am able to combine the same style of portraits and street photography that I did with film, now digitally, providing unique and original works of art that look as if you stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. Each image delivered to my couples or clients is individually, hand edited just as I would for my fine art work in galleries. Frankly, I feel weddings and fine art are one and the same. Moments are captured, but framed in a unique and artistic manner. Portraits are meant to capture your essence, the power behind the facade. That's what we do together. And honestly, isn't that ultimately what you want? Some totally awesome portraits sprinkled among candids of you two experiencing all that New Orleans has to offer. That is what we do together! 

AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalism) Juried Award-Winning Photographer.

5 Star Rated by Clients on Google, The Knot and Wedding Wire

Endorsed by the USAF

Nationally Published

references upon request

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Artistic Style

My style is always evolving while still maintaining a continuity and connection. I can't seem to find a label that truly fits as I incorporate traditional Street Photography, Artistic Portraiture, Magazine Editorial, High Fashion and Photojournalism styles into one.

Each of you is a unique individual. Every moment of the life you have lived is worn within your soul. Everything. I find that and present it to you gift-wrapped within a stolen moment. That brief flick of time when you are distracted by your thoughts. That is what I catch. That wonderful, beautiful you that often is hidden inside. 

I incorporate the streets of New Orleans, all the activity. The music, the street performers, the traffic, the party are all a part of your day. Whether a stranger who has stopped to congratulate you two or the street musician playing a song that stops you in your tracks to ultimately join into the party dancing your first dance as a married couple. You are the star of the show in a completely natural and unaware manner. All that draws you to New Orleans is now a part of you. When you return home your gift from me is all the memories of that special moment in time where you are enveloped in joy.

Lately I have been returning to my roots to create even more dramatic photographs. Light is my muse. My style is unique and honest. There have been many muses and inspirations in my life who are a part of my images today. And I am really proud of the photographs I present.

The moments don't change but the presentation must always be reaching towards new and exciting visionary ideas. Come join me in an exploration of you and my favorite, The City of New Orleans.